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In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, The University Store at the University of Maine Farmington endeavors to provide up-to-date book information for your classes, as soon as you register.

To ensure you have the best experience with our website, please read these terms of use:

Textbook information on our website is provided to the store by the academic departments, and is updated daily as we receive additions, changes and cancellations, etc.

Pricing of all textbooks is subject to change by the publisher at any time, and will be updated by us as stock arrives.

Because this information can change at any time, the use of this information to purchase textbooks from other sources is at your own risk and the University Store and the University of Maine Farmington cannot be held responsible. Customers who purchase through our website are protected by and subject to our refund policy.

The University Store makes no guarantee as to stock availability of new or used books. Choose "OK to substitute" if you will accept a new book if used is not available, or a used book if a new book is not available. Every effort will be made to fill your order with your first choice of new or used books.


Any account information entered on the textbook ordering site does not transfer to the rental site. For your convenience, please read the following terms and tips before you continue:

Have handy a list of textbooks you need, preferably by ISBN

Custom Published books for our campus, course packets or manuals, and any packages that include required access codes will not be available for rental.

Books rented through this site are available for varying amounts of time and are shipped from other locations.

If you fail to return any books rented through this site, you will be charged the full retail price of these books.

Please do not sell any rental books at our textbook buyback. The University Store takes no responsibility for recovering books you have rented and sold to us for cash.

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